27 May 2012

Attracting Positivity: What is Meditation?

Part 2:  Finding Happiness

How do you wind down from the constant "chatter" of your mental brain? There are many different ways in which one can calm the mind - meditation is one form. Meditation is a state of consciousness that brings you to serenity, bliss, and possibly clarity (the end goal of meditation). In order for one to become good at meditation, practice should happen daily - or for more enhancement of higher level of consciousness, more than once daily, if possible.

Focus on something serene. Close your eyes and find yourself in your "happy place". This could be a beach scene, this could be the forest, this could be at the bottom of a waterfall falling from a mountain top, it could also be a valley, brook, or field of flowers.  You can even focus on the flicker of a candle. You may use this one here. close the lights and focus - then close your eyes and imagine it. Whatever you find comfort in, go there. Focus on that place....and take deep breaths...while doing so continue to focus on this happy place.

This can be a quick 5-10 min. exercise in which the participant can use for frequent "mental breaks" when ever your mind needs a vacation from the constant chatter. All of us need a break from mental chatter, the problem is, we typically get so busy with life's to do list, we fail to take care of ourselves from the core - the inside - take care of YOU....

You can also visit Artie Wu's site in progress and participate in his new venture called Preside Meditation. 

All the best,
Prof. C

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