08 August 2010

Welcome Fall 2010 Santa Fe College & Palm Beach State Students!

I have revamped the old blog site....hope you enjoy the new look, links, and assignments right at your fingertips! So if you miss something in class - you can find it all right here!

For those of you taking my PSY 2012 or DEP 2004 classes this Fall 2010 - you will need to visit this blog weekly for updates from me, and of course to access the links needed for our classroom discussions, on your own study time, group work, term papers/projects, and of course quizzes and exams.

For both SF College and Palm Beach State DEP 2004 classes the textbook you need is this:

here is the link to the publisher's webiste:

New addition to my class this term: You will be accessing online quizzes from the publishing company and sending them to me via email as homework assignments! I will show you how to access this on the first day of class!

SF College PSY 2012 class textbook has not changed in 2 years so it's at this link.

Palm Beach State College PSY 2012 class textbook is the Feldman Text and it looks like this:

If you have an paticular questions please email me at:

All the best,
Prof. Corrie

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